Report Welfare Fraud:
Goals of the Colorado Welfare Fraud Council

  • Detection, investigation & prosecution of fraud
  • Prevention of fraud both, external & internal, within all public
    assistance agencies and the programs they administer
  • Recovery of fraudulently obtained public assistance benefits
  • Foster program integrity
  • To maintain CWFC’s informational resources
  • To provide goal-related training to CWFC members and other
    interested individuals
  • To identify and address the concerns of members and potential
    members of CWFC
  • To propose CWFC goal related changes and modification to the
    programs in which we work, and strive to move those proposals
    toward implementation.
The Colorado Welfare Fraud Council (CWFC) is a non
profit statewide organization comprised of city, county,
state, and federal employees who work in some capacity
with the various public assistance programs available to
people in Colorado.  Our members are dedicated to the
detection and prevention of fraud in all public assistance

Our mission is to uphold the integrity and spirit of public
assistance programs' rules and regulations as they relate to

Since one of CWFC's goals is to provide information and
training to as many of those involved in public assistance
programs as possible, we seek the involvement of every
interested person in this endeavor.  This organization exists
because of the perseverance of concerned and dedicated
workers, such as yourself, who want to make a difference
and an improvement in the public assistance programs of
this state.

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CWFC Membership Form
1963 South Vivian Street
Lakewood, CO 80228