The Board Members of the Colorado Welfare Fraud Council are
volunteers who strongly believe in the mission and goals of the
Colorado Welfare Fraud Council.  They are not compensated for
serving on the board.

Contact us individually or at

President:  Kristina Gonzalez
Garfield County HHS

Vice President:  Carlos Camacho
Washington County DHS

Treasurer:  Colette Kreger
CDHS Audit Division

Secretary:  Jennifer Peck
CDHS State SNAP Automation

Board Members:

Frank Hudson
Saguache Social Services

Jolene Guignet
HCPF Audit Division

Renee McCracken
CDHS EBT Program
Board Members:

Mark Magnuson

Michael Rossi
Arapahoe County Attorney's Office

Lauren McLaughlin
Gunnison County DHS

Joel McClurg
CDHS SNAP Compliance

Melissa Elson
Denver County DHS

Past President Board Members:

Sonia Salas
Please send correspondence to:
Board Members