Ted Cole Memorial Award
Edward "Ted" Cole began his boyhood in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Despite the
relative impoverishment of his early days, Ted recalled those days with relish, even
though he was only too happy to escape the limits that area held for a young black
man yearning for more from life.

Ted learned from an early age to survive by his wits.  Everyone took a liking to
this personable young man and he parlayed that asset into jobs that helped his
father support a family of nine members.

Ted escaped from Mississippi by accepting a football scholarship in
Massachusetts.  Just as abruptly, he dropped out of college after his first session,
opting to join the US Air Force.  A brief flirtation with pro football as a member of
the New York Giants taxi squad left him with a lifelong limp.  But Ted used his
understanding of the game to become an Air Force information specialist/sports
editor.  His interest in music gave his career in broadcasting a boost when he was
stationed in Europe and beamed jazz and poetry-flavored nighttime radio programs
to thousands of GI's stationed overseas.

In October 1979, Ted came to FNS after holding a succession of jobs that were
less than satisfying.  Starting as a GS-4, he steadily proved his mettle and rose to
GS-11, serving as an acting GS-12 when Mel Roghair was named to head the
region's pilot Quality Control project.  Among his peers, Ted was well respected
for his grasp of complex Food Assistance regulations.  But his real forte was his
diplomacy in dealing with state agency staffs.  Ted knew that the real key to
corrective action compliance involved fostering a spirit of cooperation and good
will.  Ted also spent time as the Colorado Welfare Fraud Council's newsletter

Away from work, Ted pursued a variety of interests.  He prepared food from
different countries as well as serving up a mean rack of barbecued ribs.  Ted loved
jazz and you would find him in the audience of accomplished artists.  Ted loved to
fish, watch sporting events, work in the garden and even tried oil painting.  Above
all he was a "proud PaPa", a man who loved talking about his son, Tijani.

Ted Cole was born December 25, 1935, and passed from this life on December
27, 1987 at the age of 52.  His untimely death was sad, but there is a certain
comfort among his many friends that he lived his life in the impeccable style, grace
and dignity we would all aspire to achieve.

The Ted Cole Memorial Award recognizes an individual or group who demonstrated
excellence in performance that enhances the general principles and goals of the
Colorado Welfare Fraud Council, public relations, positive contribution to
newsletter, legislation, or other printed forums that relate to preventing public
assistance fraud and the promotion of the Colorado Welfare Fraud Council.
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